We offer a wide range of Emergency sirens, Electric Motor Sirens are the most preferred sirens due to better sound coverage, low cost, and long life.

PC MS 1S 050 Half Kilometer Siren

PC MS 1S 050 Half Kilometer Siren

Model No.: PC-MS-1S-050
Type: Electric Motor Siren
Ideal Audible Range (Diametrical): 0.5 Kms
Motor RPM: 10,000
Motor HP: 1/20
Starting Current (Amps) 1.8
Operating Current (Amps) 1.2
Supply Voltage: 12, 24, 110, 220/240V AC
Phase: Single
Frequency / Cycles 50
Body Material: Aluminum Casting
Motor Wire Winding: Copper
Mounting Type: Single
Fitment Type: Horizontal
Weight of Unit (unpacked) in Kgs: 1.78

Apart from this, we offer Long-range sirens up to 20 km range.

This type of siren is used for emergency alerts fire alerts or shift timing alerts.

Such sirens are suitable for small factories, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.