Hand Operated sirens are also referred as Hand Crank Siren. These sirens are used at sites where there is no external power source is available.

Hand Operated Sirens 0.5 Kms 1 Kms 1.5 Kms Floor Mounting

Hand Operated Sirens

As soon as the handle is rotated it starts producing a low-frequency sound which is recognized universally. As no external power source is needed these can be carried along and are portable.

Mostly used in:

  • Railway Track Maintenance
  • Campsites.
  • Civil Defense.
  • Mountain rescue.
  • Coast guard warning.

There are several benefits to using hand-operated sirens in certain situations:

  1. Portability: Hand-operated sirens are portable and do not require an electrical power source, making them useful in situations where electricity is not available or reliable.

  2. Ease of use: Hand-operated sirens are easy to use, requiring only the turning of a crank or handle to activate.

  3. Versatility: Hand-operated sirens can be used in a variety of settings, including emergency vehicles, factories, construction sites, schools, public buildings, military bases, and outdoor warning systems.

  4. Effectiveness: Hand-operated sirens produce a loud, distinctive sound that is effective at getting people’s attention in a variety of situations.Durability: Hand-operated sirens are typically built to withstand harsh environments and are designed to be durable and reliable.

Hand Operated Siren

Model Number Ideal Audible Range
PC-HOS-050 0.5 kms
PC-HOS-100 1.0 Kms
PC-HOS-150 1.5 Kms
PC-HOS-150-WD (With Stand & Warbling Disc) 1.5 kms