Industrial Hooter

Industrial Hooter

Industrial Surface Mounted Hooter Size 12.7 cm – Flush Mounted
Input Voltage: 230V AC
Ideal Audible Range: 50 Meters
Tone: Single Tone (Anyone from Video)
Mounting: Wall Clip
Made In India

Available Size 

  • 96 X 96 mm – Panel Mounted
  • 72 x 72 mm – Panel Mounted
  • Electronic hooter 22.5 mm

A panel hooter, also known as a panel mount siren or horn, is a type of industrial hooter that is designed to be mounted on a panel or control panel. It is typically used in industrial or manufacturing environments as an attention-getting device to alert workers to an emergency or to signal the start or end of a shift. Panel hooters are typically much louder than a typical home or car alarm, and can be heard over a longer distance, allowing them to be used effectively in large industrial facilities. They are often mounted on a wall or ceiling and can be activated manually or automatically in response to certain conditions or events. Panel hooters are also used in other types of settings, such as schools, hospitals, and sports arenas, to signal the start or end of an event or to alert people to an emergency.

96 X 96 Electronic Panel Hooter / Buzzers