Multi-Tone Audio Visual Alarm – Voice-Based Announcement System

An audio-visual alarm is a device that combines both a loud sound and a visual signal to alert people to an emergency or any important event. (Example: Hight Temperature / Pressure Alert, failure of any Relay, or Tripping of an Electrical Circuit Breaker) The audio component is typically a siren or horn, while the visual component is typically a flashing light or a series of flashing lights. Audio-visual alarms are commonly used in manufacturing environments. The combination of the loud sound and flashing lights are intended to grab people’s attention and alert them of prevailing error.

  • Voltage: 12~24 V DC & 230 V AC – 50 Hz
  • Dimensions: 210*200*70 mm MS Powder Coated Color: Fire Red
  • Weight Enclosure: 2.5 Kgs, Speaker: 1 Kgs Light: 0.4 Kgs
  • Beacon Light: Type: Led Lens Polycarbonate, Color Red
  • Speaker: 8 Ohms 15w Output (PA Type)
  • Mounting: Horizontal Wall/Surface Light Top, Speaker: Bottom
  • Connections: Screw/plug-in Terminal Bis 2.5 mm²
  • Tones: 10 Tones, With Inbuilt Flash Memory & USB 2.0 Port For Storing Files. Support Audio Files In Mp3 Format.
  • All Tones Can Be Switched Externally With 10-channel Isolated Potential Free Input Selections
  • Sound: 110 dB (Volume Control) Line-in/out via 3.5mm Jacks
  • Operating Temperature: -30 °c / +60 °c
  • High Quality Made In India Product

Revolving Light With Siren