96 X 96 Electronic Panel Buzzers

We offer a wide range of Electronic buzzers, which are Solid-state type and have no moving parts, thus offering long life and better sound options.

These Buzzers are far better than Electromagnetic buzzers or Electromechanical buzzers or Gong Bells.

Electronic Buzzers Panel Hooter

Electronic Buzzers / Panel Hooter

Panel Buzzer MTMV
96 X 96 Electronic Panel Buzzer
Hooter Cut-Out Dimensions: 92 X 92 mm
Input Voltage: 12v, 24, 48, 110v, 220v / 220v AC (Any One)
Ideal Audible Range: 100 Meters
Tone: Multitone (Pot Switch)
Made In India

Other Options Available:


We also offer Overhead Crane Safety Warning Lights  / Forklift Red-Zone LED Pedestrian Warning Lights, These Danger Area Lights are very useful for the prevention of Forklift accidents. Apart from this we also offer Electronic Sounders with Integrated Flashing Strobe Light for Audio Visual alerts for EOT Crane applications, Flashing Strobe Lights and LED Beacons & multi-stage tier lights.