Strobe lights are high-visibility lights that produce regular flashes of light. These are used in various industrial applications for indicating a warning like for aircraft anti-collision lighting or television and radio towers. In Industries strobe lights are installed on top of machines to signal any machine operation or job completion error. Other applications are in alarm systems, and emergency vehicle lighting, We offer High-Intensity LED Strobe lights and Flashing Lights suitable for Outdoor Installations & various applications. Our Strobe Lights are made with the best quality LED & ABS top cover for a better life.

LED Warning Lights

Warning Lights

LED Circular Strobe Light

Available Colors: Standard 🔴, On Special Order 🟡🟢🔵

No of LED: 216 (500 mA)

No. of Flash per minute: 70

Voltage: 12/24V to 220V AC(Any One)

Top Cover: Polycarbonate

Mounting: Magnetic Base Mounting / Bolt Mounting – On Request

Dia-158mm x Height 135mm 

Demo Video

  • Chimney Lights (Aircraft warning lights for chimneys)
  • Crane Strobe Lights (For overhead crane warning) or Forklifts.
  • Obstruction Lights
  • Railway Signaling

Available colors: Red, Amber, Green & Blue Input Voltage: 12V, 24V, 110V & 220V

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