We offer multiple models for Multi-Channel Recordable Voice Annunciators. Where users can get fine-quality pre-recorded sound output. A single Voice Annunciator has 8 channel options where 8 separate messages can be played under various conditions. This is a cost-saving, easy-to-implement solution for all your voice-based announcement requirements.

Programming can be easily done at the user’s end. Sounds are saved in Mp3 format on SD Card. The channels can be individually configured to play once or repeat endlessly in a loop until the reset command is received.

Sound output can be initiated by receiving a pulse on a potential-free contact. There is also a scope to control the volume of the alert message.

Programmable Speech Hooters are used in Industry to alert users on Shopfloor for any Emergency or issue instructions.

Electronic Multi-Channel Voice Programmable Alert System (VBH)

  • Power Supply: 220 VAC / 24 VDC
  • Indication: By LED for Mains & Output
  • No of Channels : 8 Nos
  • Audio Format: Mp3 File
  • Input : (+)ve pulse / Short with (+)ve
  • Audio Level: Up to 70 dB
  • Storage Device: SD Card
  • Fixing type: Panel Mounting
  • Unit Dimensions: 96x96x60 mm
  • Max Playback Time: 10 Min/Channel
  • Audio Output: 3.5mm Jack

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