Carbon Brushless Motor Siren

PC-CBS-1D-500 5 km siren

These are special sirens designed for continuous duty applications like:

  • Coal Handling Plants – CHP Coal Conveyors
  • Stacker Reclaimer
  • Conveyor Pre-Start Alarm – Conveyor Start-up Siren

Compared to conventional motor sirens they have the advantage of almost no maintenance and suitable for continuous usage.

Model Number Voltage Ideal Audible Range
PC-CBS-1S-050 220/240V AC 0.5 Kms
PC-CBS-1S-100 220/240V AC 1.0 Kms
PC-CBS-1D-100 220/240V AC 1.0 Kms
PC-CBS-1S-200 220/240V AC 2.0 Kms
PC-CBS-1D-200 220/240V AC 2.0 Kms
PC-CBS-1D-350 220/240V AC 3.5 kms
PC-CBS-1D-500 220/240V AC 5.0 Kms
PC-CBS-1D-800 220/240V AC 8.0 Kms
PC-CBS-1D-1000 220/240V AC 10.0 Kms

Single Phase Sirens