A phase failure alarm alerts when there’s a loss of power to one or more phases of an electrical system, indicating a problem such as a broken wire or malfunctioning component. A mains return hooter, also known as a mains failure alarm, sounds an audible warning when the main power supply is lost, alerting people in the building and allowing the maintenance team to fix the problem quickly. It also helps in saving diesel by indicating when power has been resumed, avoiding wastage due to failing to turn off the generator on time.

A power failure alarm is typically used in a residential or commercial building to alert people of a power outage or interruption in the electrical supply. This type of alarm is usually connected to the electrical system. The generator Alarm gives a loud warning sound when mains power gets resumed. This indicates that diesel generators can now be switched off and fuel waste can be avoided.

Mains Return Hooter – Phase Failure Alarm – Power Failure Alert System

Power Failure Alarm

Mains Return Hooter – Phase Failure Alarm – Power Failure Alarm
96 X 96 Electronic Panel Buzzer
Hooter Cut-Out Dimensions: 90 X 90 mm
Input Voltage: 220V AC (Generator Input Voltage: 220V AC)
Ideal Audible Range: 50 Meters
Tone: Single Tone
Made In India

The benefits of a power failure alarm:

  1. Early warning: A power failure alarm provides an early warning of a power outage, allowing occupants to take necessary actions such as shutting down sensitive equipment or moving to a safe location.
  2. Safety: In the event of a power failure, a power failure alarm can help ensure the safety of the building’s occupants by alerting them to the problem and allowing them to take appropriate action.
  3. Protection of equipment: A power failure alarm can help prevent damage to sensitive equipment or data loss by alerting the occupants of the building to shut down equipment before a power outage becomes critical.

Our Mains Return Hooter can be used with any device like a generator or a freezer to alert when the mains goes off.