A siren timer is a device that is used to control the duration of a siren or other type of loud, attention-getting device. It is typically used in emergency situations, such as when an air raid siren is activated during a natural disaster or when a fire alarm is activated in a building. The siren timer allows the siren to be activated for a specific amount of time, after which it will automatically shut off. This ensures that the siren is not left sounding indefinitely, which could lead to confusion or panic among the people being alerted. Siren timers can be set to different durations depending on the specific needs of the situation, and they can be manually activated or triggered by an automatic system, such as a fire alarm.

  • Advanced Siren Controller –  For Automatic Siren Operation as per OISD pr PNGRB Siren actuation norms.
  • Automatic Factory Siren – For Automatic Operation of a siren as per Factory Shift Timings like Change of shift, end of shift, Lunch break, teach break, etc.
  • Warbling Switch – For Controller Operation of Siren like 4 Seconds ON & 4 Seconds OFF
  • Automatic School Bell Timer – For ringing of the siren as per school period timings, Assembly or recess timings.